Rural Self-Help Development Association (RSDA) supported by Denmark Lesotho Network will be giving away food parcels to vulnerable children in Lesotho.

Lesotho is one of the country that is affected by the Covid19 pandemic, therefore ,RSDA proposes to buy beans from the farmers, vegetable seeds and eggs from RSDA farm and distribute them to 300 vulnerable primary school children in the 5 districts of Lesotho in response to  fight against Covid-19 pandemic. This can also be used to promote the importance of the NUA 45 beans in schools, as they are rich in protein, iron and selenium and their diverse recipes.

RSDA will be supporting the 5 schools in the vicinity of our offices located in the two villages Phamong- Mohale’s hoek and Tsita’s nek Mafeteng, including Berea, Maseru and Leribe districts.

Dates of the distribution of the food parcels :

1.Mohale’sHoek -16th June 2020
2.Mafeteng          -18th June 2020
3.Berea                -23rd June 2020
4.Leribe               -25th June 2020
5.Maseru             -30th June 2020

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