RSDA is selling NUA 45 beans.


5kg at M225.00

NUA 45-A new high nutrient bean variety

  •  Yield: 2400 kg/ha in Highveld:   2900kg/ha in Lowveld
  • Maturity: 90 days
  •  Seed Size: Large , kidney shaped seeds, (55g/100 seeds)
  •  Rich in proteins, minerals and fibre
  •  Good source of Iron (95 mg/kg) & Zinc (38 mg/kg)
  •  Fits well in crop rotation systems or as a relay crop
  •  Cultivation ranges from small beds in gardens to bigger plots in the field
  • Balanced nutrition for children and adults. Could be highly beneficial in:
    • Food relief programs for households
    • Feeding schemes at schools and hospitals
    • Reducing anemia in pregnant women
    • For people living with HIV/AIDS