In February 2013, Lesotho was in the midst of a food crisis caused by poor crops and pest outbreaks. Vulnerable populations were not able to access sufficient food for their families. The Lesotho Food Security Relief and Resilience Program’s main objective was that very poor households have improved access to food and that poor and very poor households have increased resilience to future food crises.

RSDA field workers trained households in homestead gardening and provided technical support to implement keyhole and trench gardens. Masekhametsi Hlomotsa of Lenyakoane village experienced food insecurity due to not having access to land for crops and only a small rocky garden where it was hard for crops to grow.

She used to sleep without food because the piece jobs she did paid very little. Through LFSRP, she received training on homestead gardening methodology and seeds to establish her keyhole garden. Now she is consuming her own vegetables and selling some too and was even able to produce during the winter (dry season) of severe drought.

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