Brief history
Thusanang Mathula DFA is a dairy farmers association situated in Matelile; Community Council of Ramoetsana EO4, in Mafeteng District, Lesotho. It was founded in 1993, with 63 members and aided by Germans up until 2001.  The association came to life again in 2009, with 43 members but is now left with 17 members because SADP divided the association members according to their respective resource centers. At the moment, the association membership has decreased to 11 members. The association is comprised of 10 men and 7 women. To become a member, one is required to pay registration fee of M10.00 while membership fee is M100.00 annually.

To produce in large scales that can sustain a whole community of families within and outside the district.

To rear dairy cows collectively in one protected area.

Current situation
The association is able to produce 10-14 litres per cow on a daily bases.

The association has managed to bring together cows into one sheltered area for a systematic feeding system, following training in the mixing of animal feed. We have also attained a hammer mill for milling fodder.


  • Unsatisfactory artificial insemination methods.
  • The absence of milk tanks.
  • Climate change conditions that inhibited the growing of fodder for our cattle.

With assistance from government and RSDA, the association we will find ways to own appropriate milk tanks. We are going to create a water reservoir to assist with irrigation for rough climate conditions.

Our goal in the next 5 years is to have 30 dairy cows and at least 20 members or more, with the aim of producing 16 liters per cow daily.

Secretary +266 5881 6160
Chairperson +266 5855 6600