Brief history
This association was formed in 1983, through the advice of the Agricultural Extension Officer in the Dairy Sector. Membership covered a wide range of Berea District, including villages like Ha Senekane, Ha Koali, Ha ‘Mamathe and Teyeteyaneng Township. In 1989, the association got registered with the Law Office under the name of Berea Dairy Farmers Association. It started with 17 members, 12 males and 5 females. Milk production ranged between 50–100 litres per day due to shortage of dairy cows. The produce was sold to Lesotho Dairy Products (LDP). The association ploughed about 8 acres of lucern at Pukane Ha Koali to minimize forage costs.

To have a sustainable farm in animal husbandry, fodder production and processing; which is also also able to process its own produce.


  • To keep cows together.
  • To produce and process fodder.
  • To use artificial insemination.

T.Y Dairy Farmers Association is located at Khoaba-Lea-Bua, Hamolemane in Teyateyaneng within the Berea Urban Council.

Current Situation
Currently membership is built by people within the T.Y. Township and has dropped to twelve (12) members, all males. Females and youth appeared intermittently due to various reasons, that is, not reaping instantly, most of production activities are physical, therefore, difficult for them to perform, and were disheartened by inconsistency and lack of transparency in their payments by Lesotho Dairy Products (LDP) company where a larger portion of our milk was sold.

Milk production has increased to about 300 litres per day. The average production stands at 15 litres per cow. 70% of the total production is sold at Farm gate, while 30% is sold to LDP Company due to the reason mentioned above.
We always sent milk samples for each cow to Livestock Department to be tested before it could be make available for human consumption.

TY Dairy 1Pasture Management
We currently undergoing a fodder production project piloted on 18 acres land, conducted and financed by Rural Self Help Development Association (RSDA). This exercise has boosted morale for farmers to produce fodder on their own. Quality of hay was produced, milled and mixed for adequate feeding.

Association bought Artificial Insemination Tank. Engaged in new technology and managed the tank. We use semen drawn from Jersey, Holstein and Dairy Swiss cows. Quality heifers were born and milk volumes increased. Insemination service was extended to non -members and we have experienced an increased in finances.

Association got assistance from Small Holder Agricultural Development Project (SADP) to purchase a hammer mill to simplify the fodder mixing process. Association received training from RSDA on fodder production and mixing and animal husbandry.
The Association has acquired land of the following dimensions; N 60, S 49.3, E 112, W 110 at Khoaba-lea-bua Ha Molemane, where we are going to keep our cows together for good management.

There is no umbrella body for dairy associations in our district that caters for all matters concerning dairy farming.

Steps should be taken to form an umbrella body and ‘BEREA DAIRY FARMERS ASSOCIATION’ in order to address all dairy farmers concerns.

Future Aspects

  • To establish milk processing company in collaboration with other dairy associations based in the Berea district.
  • To create a dairy sharing scheme.

Secretary +266 5981 3265
Chairperson +266 5971 0268