Brief history
Rua u phele association started operating in June 2013 with 8 members. In 2014 members increased to 14. In 2015-16, membership dropped down to 10. Members register with M20 and pay membership fee of M 100 annually.Rua u phele

The association in found at Ribaneng within the LehlakanengCommuntity Council in the Mafeteng District.


  • To ensure food security within our community.
  • To have state of the art piggery production in the district.


  • Production of piglets.
  • Pork production.
  • Beacon production.
  • Horticultural production focusing mainly on fresh  and dried vegetables, fruit trees, jam and dried fruit production.

Current situation
The association is currently producing pigs for the following categories

  • Piglets 200
  • Beacon 4
  • Pork 1

We have managed to secure the funding from the government smallholder agricultural development project (SADP) to the total value of M 114,470.

Lack of training, water at the site, and infrastructure and financial muscle.

To approach extension service to provide us with technical support.

In the next 5 years we want to have our own site, 120 pigsties and 50 pigs per month produced.

Secretary +266 56436059
Chairperson +266 58665073