Brief History
Ntjabane Dairy Farmers Association was formed in the year 2016, through the advice of agricultural extension officers in the dairy sector. It started with 12 members, 10 males and 2 women. This association is located at Ha Ntjabane village under Berea urban council.

Our vision is to be one of the country’s best groups of farmers which produce and supply our customers with large amounts of milk and various dairy products.


  • Increased number of dairy cows
  • Sell dairy products
  • Produce dairy cow feeds
  • Improve our life and life of our community

Current situation
Members have increased to 16 members 13 males and 3 females. The milk production ranges between 50-100 litres per day due to shortage of cows. Our produce is sold to the local communities only. We are currently undergoing a fodder production project piloted under 18 acres land contracted and financed by Rural Self-Help Development Association (RSDA) in partnership with the Government of Lesotho Smallholder Agricultural Development Project (SADP). This initiative has boosted the morale of farmers to produce fodder on their own. A quality hay was produced, milled and mixed for adequate feeding.

We always send samples for each cow to the Department of Livestock Services to be tested before the milk could be available for human consumption. The milk production has increased under the help of RSDA.

Farmers are able to formulate their own feed through the help of RSDA expertise. The association has received trainings also from RSDA on fodder production, feed mixing, and animal husbandry as well as on good governance.

Due to climate change this year we have not produced much in our fields and we do not have fodder reserves.


  • Operating land has been identified and application has been send to the urban council to acquire such land and the matter is at an advanced stage.
  • Association got assistance from SADP to purchase a hammer mill to simplify the feed mixing process.

Secretary +266 57825237
Chairperson +266 59628558