Brief history
Mohokare Kopanang ka Lerato Association is an animal and crop production association Association was established on 2014/01/15. The association has 21 (8 males and 13 females) founding members. We have planted 50 acres of beans and harvested 570kg at establishment. Then the association was able to rear 150 broiler chickens. Again, the association reared 12 pigs. Members contribute M100.00 as subscription and the registration fee is M10.00 per member. The association is located at Mohokare Ha setho in the Lilala Community Council

To build oneness within our community by creating jobs so as to alleviate poverty.


  • To plant our fields all year round.
  • To plant vegetables at fields near the river as there is much potential there.
  • To have improved piggery and chickens production.
  • To have our own abattoir.
  • To have greenhouse.
  • To assist orphans and vulnerable households.
  • To have a hatchery

Current situation

  • The membership has increased to 28 members (10 males + 18 females) and now the members dropped to 17 and 11 members have left the association (3 died and 8 did not pay membership fee).
  • We were able to attract membership from nearby villages.
  • RSDA visits us to monitor the project.
  • New members joined when they saw progress that we have made and our unity.
  • Members of the association received a number of trainings from RSDA on governance and organisational development.
  • 10 members of the association got certificates from training held by Send A Cow on the following by: Cooperative management; cooperative by-laws; cooperative accounting.


  • Receiving support from RSDA.
  • We worked with all member of our community without being biased.
  • We did not harvest much but we managed to pass on to others.
  • We are able to raise our own funds.
  • As the way of giving back to our community, the association with the funds it raised was able to help orphans and vulnerable people.


  • Climate change and variability.
  • Agricultural inputs such seeds and chemicals, operation machine are not accessible on time.
  • Late planting.
  • Too expensive chickens and pigs feeds.
  • Unavailability of chicks at the expected time


  • Training on climate change.
  • Timely planting.
  • Timely distribution of inputs.
  • Government should assist in establishing marketing opportunities.
  • Now that the country is experiencing rain, the government should help with the planting of wheat.
  • Government should assist with subsidizing the feed of animals including chickens and pigs.

Secretary +266 57343928 or +266 56104261 or +266 63199613
Chairperson +266 50713740