Brief history
MADAU is an umbrella association for independent farmers’ associations from Maseru district. It was founded in 2002 and registered lawfully on the 10th October 2008 with 7 independent associations as members.  The association has membership of 36 independent associations adding up to 1,009 members in total. The association has 412 males, of which 70 are youth and 432 women, of whom 95 are youth.

With assistance from the Maseru District Agricultural Office, MADAU is found in Masianokeng area with members from the following constituencies; Masianokeng, Morija, Rothe, Ramabanta, Ha Ntsi, Semonkong, Marakabei

To act as an advocacy body for farmer associations and independent farmers on agricultural issues.


  • To bring together produce from different associations.
  • To encourage associations to bring in more members.
  • To help scout workshops for associations to improve their produce.
  • To educate associations on nutritional feeding.
  • To assist associations with proper and accurate record keeping in business.
  • To educate farmer associations on the importance of climate information by listening to radios.
  • To enlighten farmers on ways to overcome climate change.

Current situation
The association currently produces 200 tons of maize, 50 tons of beans, 600 kg in vegetables, 40 000 kg in poultry, 72000 liters of milk,  1200 kg in pork, 70 tons of wheat, 70 tons of sorghum and 70 tons of peas.


  • District Agricultural Officer agreed to lend the association greenhouses.
  • A good relationship has been accomplished with RSDA.
  • We have helped farmers in obtaining seedlings.


  • The absence of sustainable green houses for production of seedlings.
  • Climate change has affected produce in general. The farm product quality is poor and produce has decreased yet prices have escalated, e.g. fodder, maize mill.
  • The need for an office.
  • Shortage of an irrigation system.
  • Mismanagement and misconduct of animals entering fields.
  • Shortage of vehicles for transportation and other tools for the smooth running of an association.


  • We intend to find a site in order to build our on offices.
  • We hope to work for proper irrigation systems.
  • To find workers to attend our offices on a daily basis.
  • We intend to build a warehouse for the keeping of our produce before it is sold to the market.
  • We would like to build proper relations between the associations, investors and private sector.

We aspire that farmers have one voice in the community; as one association speaking on behalf of all independent associations.

Secretary +266 6304 6432
Chairperson  +266 5899 7638 or +266 6620 0300