Brief history
The Maphonkoane Seed Growers Association was formed in 2011, by 5 members, 3 women and 2 men.  The aim of the association is mainly seed multiplication and at the moment the multiplication is on bean seeds and our production was roughly 1440kgs annually when we first started.  To ensure sustainability of our association, members contribute amount of M100.00 as subscription annually and monthly contribution of M50.00. The association in found at Ribaneng in the Lehlakaneng Community Council in the Mafeteng district.

Eradication of poverty in the country through feeding the whole nation at large.


  • Multiplication of seed in varieties
  • Savings and credit to members of the association
  • Pasture/rangeland Management
  • Job creation through animal and crop production
  • Cereal, fodder and crop production

Current situation
The association increased membership to 11(6 women, 5 men) and one of the reasons for expansion of membership was to increase on productivity.  At the moment, productivity is estimated at 3,960kgs annually. From that 3,960kgs of seeds, Rural Self-Help Development Association (RSDA) managed to buy 1,600kgs, 790kgs by the public and the remaining 1,300kgs to the association. Our association is able to plant at least 300kgs of seeds per hectare.  Our visibility as the association has been enhanced by media and the Department of Agricultural Research has been able to link us with potential donors who had interest in our work as an association.

In a quest to improve on our productivity, we were able to take a study tour to Swaziland. For these years we have been running, our product has generated a lot of income into our association.  Some of our achievements along the way have been to buy our own irrigation system.   Our Sustainability is noticed in our ability to procure our inputs (seeds and fertilizers) prior to the next growing season.

Our main challenge is climate change impact that results to severe drought, pests and plant disease outbreaks that invades our fields and disrupted rainfall patterns. Although the association can increase productivity, market remains a challenge, and that limits our expansion. The other challenge the association is faced with is lack of agricultural implements such as seed grading machine, sowing and packaging machine, scales and generators for marketing and value addition purposes.

To solve some of the challenges the association face, there is a need to capacitate extension workers in disease and pest control.  Also to increase our productivity, it is crucial to market our product through media such as radio, television and signboards to increase our visibility.  Other developmental bodies and the government should also intervene to support our production (agricultural inputs, machinery and implements) so as to ensure its sustainability.

Our future
The Association aspire to improve livelihoods, not only for the members but for the nation at large, to ensure seed availability and knowledge transfer to young generation.

Secretary +266 57672367
Chairperson +266 59003462