Brief history
Manonyane Dairy Association was established and registered in May 2008. The association had 30 members. Members pay registration fee of M100.00 per member and annual subscription of M50.00. Now the association has 15 members and is able to produce 1000 litres per day in the year 2014/15. Milk is sold at M3.60 x 1000 litres = M3 600.00 and this was for Lesotho Dairy Products. The association is based at Roma, Maama in Manonyane Counsil Maseru.

To be a leading dairy association by producing high quality milk to provide for the members families and supply the individuals and companies producing products made of milk in and outside the country


  • To produce high quality milk through the improved breeds.
  • To plant high quality Lucerne.
  • To prevent diseases that can attack our cows.
  • To apply artificial insemination as to produce high quality milk.

Current situation

  • The association now is able to produce 350litres of milk per day.
  • The association has 15 members (12 men and 3 women). Most of the members left the association due to lack of Milk Collection Centre (MCC).
  • There are 22 cows which each cow produces 7litres and thus makes 154 litres with M4.40 per litre and brings out the total of 60.
  • There are 7 members trained.


  • Members got trainings from RSDA and have a study tours in and outside the country.
  • Cows are able to be fed moroko (phepo ea likhomo ka moroko ke e ‘ngoe).
  • Association has the hummer miller and seeds – fodder sorghum, yellow maize.
  • The association with the help of RSDA has the half-truck.


  • Poverty leads to the decrease in commitment of members in the association.
  • Association does not have the operation place to have its milk tank.
  • Lack of skills to apply artificial insemination.
  • Lack of skills of generating funds for the association.
  • Lack of equipments.


  • Need training on how the association can generate funds.
  • Be able to access grants for the improvement of the association.
  • Raise funds to buy equipments.

Future plans

  • To build oneness in the association.
  • To have improves high quality products.
  • To have high breeds cows.

Boroko  +266 63023976
Thakholi +266 59013413
Tolofi +266 58564310