Brief history
Majantja Temong is an umbrella association established in 2003 with 13 affiliating associations. In 2011, a constitution was formed and was legally registered under the societies act. As an umbrella association, we currently have 15 associations with 207 members, of which 183 are women while 24 are men. And since 2011, we have organized fund raising activities and exhibitions for expanding the member associations. The association is located at Shalane Phamong in Mohale’s Hoek district within the Lithipeng community council. Our member are from 2 constituencies; Qaqathu and Ketane. To become a member of the association, a registration fee of M200.00 is required plus subscription of M20.00 per month.

To collect and expand indigenous seeds and practice conservation agriculture technologies; aligning ourselves with climate change.


  • To educate and train farmers in homestead gardening and crop farming.
  • To work together in fighting HIV/AIDS.

Current situation
The association has a collection of indigenous seeds that are given to members for crop farming. The seeds are also sold to other community members so that there is wide distribution of the local seed varieties within our communities.


  • We have already sold indigenous seedlings to Quthing and inside Mohale’s Hoek to other community members who are not association members
  • Our members are able to select and identify local seed varieties
  • We have seeds ranging from maize, sorghum, wheat, beans, peas and sunflower.
  • We also have canned fruit and dried fruit
  • We have also opened a savings account as an association at the bank


  • Other members of the association do not have arable land because other community members do not want to hire out their lands even though they do not use them.
  • Most of our members are aged.
  • Some members do not understand the visions and mission of the association
  • Youth are skeptical of getting involved in crop farming.
  • Some members are hesitant in joining the association let alone pay subscription in time.


  • We are currently approaching land owners to lend our members their arable land through hiring.
  • We are also approaching councilors to revise the land lending and hiring policies
  • We are organizing gatherings to try and engage and encourage youth to participate in farming.
  • We are encouraging our members to pay subscriptions in time at all times. We have also developed ways to deal with those that do not comply to paying in time.


  • We are determined to mill our grains and turn them to flour
  • We plan on expanding into indigenous chickens for selling and production of their eggs.
  • We hope that at least all our members should have 50 indigenous chickens (hens)

Secretary +266 5891 0842
Chairperson +266 5898 7427